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Feedback And Thanks

Hello Ms. Drury,

Thanks and well done for your work. Your articles are fantastic and with your writing creativity people fall in love with the topics you cover!

Dear Melanie

I'd like to give you my big thank you for your great article about Jason. You perfectly captured his real essence. I think it's the best article on him ever.

Thank you very very much!!!!

Zoya Lu
Wife of Interviewee
Amazing Mel,

Can't say anything else, honestly.

Please keep posting photos and articles – they're my only window to such an enchanting world.

Enjoy life hon.

Mandy Cachia O'Dea
Aw mel... tal-genn xbin... give a big hug to India from me!!

GREAT ARTICLE AGAIN, I must say that in every sentence I read a sense of freedom and passion to the world of mystery and discovery which overjoyed me. And I really agree on the line how important it is to preserve the kid inside or the re-acquisition of the inner child....

Keep up the good work!!

Darren Camilleri
Dear Mr Drury

I always follow your articles on the Malta Independent and I have also visited various sections of your website. I love your articles since they give an insight into subjects which are often left out by other sections of the media.

Mark Spiteri
Hi Melanie

I've just read your article about your travel in India in today's paper. I think it is enough if I say that it made me look up your previous two and have a look at your site.

Congrats – you make the reader envious and create this sense of wanderlust. At least it worked with me.

Anyway, bon voyage and best of luck!



I read your article and I like a lot. Its easy and exciting to read and people that had been in India will like to read it as much as people that don’t know India at all. It really explains very well the way one feels arriving in India. I could see myself again, arriving in Calcutta, with the same sentiments, same sensations, and I like when you write in that style that points out the taste, the smell, the specific way of moving, the time story. It’s all very typical.


Was really interesting reading the article called 'Namaste - Welcome to India' by Melanie Drury... I have visited the place 3 times now and reading her article made me experience it again.  Also, it created great interest to my friend who never visited India, but who could feel it through the article. I strongly believe that such articles should be more regular as it definitely attracts the attention of the crowd and for those who can't experience such travel, can definitely feel it through her writing.

Peter Paul Galea
Hi, Melanie!

Found your piece online after I got home and wanted to thank you for your lovely write-up.

Warmest wishes,

Annie Dalton
Interviewee – Children's Author
Dear Ms. Melanie Drury,

I would like to thank-you for having taken interest in my work, company and projects, and for having written about this in your article on “The Malta Independent”.

Whilst sharing my appreciation and gratitude with you, I would also like to compliment you on your own hard work and wish you all the best for your future.

Kind Regards,

Carlo Schembri
Interviewee – Designer
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