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I was born in 1977 in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean, but today I consider both India and Malta my homes, alternating my time between them. I am specialised in travel writing about India and in interviews, while I produce features on various topics for on array of printed and online publications.

I have been writing since the age of twelve, mainly as tool for self-expression and reflection, but it was during my first trip to India in 2002 that my e-mails home to my family and friends were met with an enthusiasm that surprised me, “You really manage to convey the feeling of the place, and take us on a journey with you – you should be a writer!”

Flattering as it was, I did not think much of it until my return to Malta, when a journalist friend pushed me to submit a feature about India to a local magazine. “Passage to India” was accepted immediately and published in the July 2002 issue of the Sunday Circle, a monthly distributed with The Sunday Times of Malta.

Eventually I took off on a back-packing trip lasting thirty months. My writing passion increased as I dealt with a myriad of new experiences: traversing the desert on an Enfield motorbike; crossing the second-highest road in the world in a decrepit bus; living in a Buddhist settlement in the Himalayas; sleeping in a hammock in a tropical jungle on a remote island for weeks; living and serving in a spiritual and humanitarian yoga ashram; running a mobile tea-stall at psychedelic trance festivals; hitch-hiking 1000 km in a day; rock-climbing in the most scenic spots imaginable; fruit-picking and living in a camper-van during a road-trip; snorkling and swimming with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef; participating in a blockade mission in Tasmania... I hope to find the time to transform those journals into a book!

Returning to Malta I landed a regular contribution for a national daily newspaper, The Malta Independent, interviewing people in the artistic sphere. Later, my allocated double-page centre-spread transformed into a travel-diary that continued for over a year. Today I write a series named, “A day in the life of...” which delves into the lives of the common people. I also write various features based on the arts, culture and lifestyle for various publications.


Melanie Drury
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